As summer approaches and the weather heats up, be sure to protect yourself from the sun’s heat and harmful rays, while playing golf. Whenever possible, get an early tee time, or schedule around the most intense temperatures of the day. The problem with this trick is that everybody knows it, so getting an early tee time will not always be an option. Although the heat and sun probably won’t keep you from playing golf, there are some things that you can do to play better golf in this environment.

Drink Water

First, stay hydrated! Drink plenty of fluids before and during the round. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to take that first sip. Start drinking right away – and this does not mean beer/alcohol or drinks with caffeine. Water and sports drinks with electrolytes are best – and they help keep your energy level up. On the contrary, beverages with alcohol and/or caffeine will dehydrate you even more – and will be counter-productive.

Find Shade

Whenever possible, stay out of the direct sun. Find a little shade while others are teeing up or hitting their ball. The difference in temperature between the shade and direct sun can be considerable and every little bit of shade can add up over the course of 18 holes.


Be sure to use sun-block. There is plenty of scientific proof on the benefits of using sun-block – and most of you already know a good SPF to use based on your skin-type. You just have to remember to apply it – and if you don’t, you may be painfully reminded later.


Wear cool, loose and light-colored clothing – and include a hat. A lot of today’s golf clothing is made of moisture wicking materials, designed to keep you dry and comfortable. Keep it loose with plenty of ventilation and make sure that it is light colored, so that it reflects, rather than absorbs the sun’s rays.

Apply Common Sense

Although much of this information may seem like common sense to most of us, where we fail is in actually using common sense: we forget to apply the sun-block, leave the hat in the car, and have a few beers on the course. However, the sun and heat can be a formidable foe. If you don’t remember to apply common sense to beat the heat, at the very least, it will show up on your score-card, but even worse, you can seriously hurt yourself.

Be Safe

From all of us here at, please remember to be safe and enjoy yourself on the golf course, as the temperatures rise. – Cart Bags, Stand Bags, Travel Bags and more.

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