When it comes to ladies golf bags and accessories, nobody has more passion for function and fashion than Karen Lovcik, owner of Glove It LLC., the leading manufacturer for women’s golf accessories.

We caught up with Karen over at the Las Vegas PGA Show and had her give us a sneak peek of the NEW 2015 Glove It product line…and once again – I’m very impressed with your products, Karen. Ladies you gotta Glove It!

But wait – you don’t get off that easy, Karen. I have a few questions from our faithful customers – I knew you wouldn’t mind answering them so….:
Here ya go Karen:


Q1: I love your cart bags, but, I prefer to use a stand bag. Do you make any ladies stand bags? And, do you also make a matching collection of accessories?
A1: Yes! We have 3 new ladies stand bags in the 2015 collection which include Orchid Medallion (a bright orchid and navy medallion with a polka dot print combo), Indigo (a rich navy leaf and zig-zag print mix), and Kiwi Largo (a vibrant chartreuse and white design). And even better, these 3 new stand bags also have a matching collection of accessories to go along with them.

Q2: I’m not looking for a new golf bag – however, some of your accessories would go great with some of my outfits. Can I buy a Visor or a Duffle Bag separately – without a golf bag?
A2: Of course – you can buy all of our accessories separately. And they’re not limited to golf use, only. Whether you’re out on the course or out on the town – our products work great in a variety of situations.


Q3: Both your Signature Golf Bags and your GloveIt Ladies Cart Bags look beautiful, but, are they made with the same materials?
A3: Both our Signature and GloveIt golf bags are made with vibrant, quality materials that are designed to last. However, our Signature golf bags are made from PU leathers, for a more sophisticated look and the Glove It ladies cart bags are made of poly/nylon prints.

Q4: My friend loves your new Kiwi Largo head covers – and I wanted to get them for her birthday. Will they fit on her 460cc Big Bertha Driver?
A4: What a great birthday present, she will love them! Our head covers are designed to fit up to a 480cc club head – so no problem fitting your friend’s new Big Bertha driver.

Q5: We love what you’ve done with your line of GloveIt women’s golf bags and accessories. Have you considered making men’s golf bags? What’s this I hear about Greg Norman – and NOT his hand?!
A5: Good question – under the Greg Norman line, we will be launching 3 new men’s golf bags, and shoe bags in army, grey and navy color-styles: a nice classy collection for men that will be launching at the beginning of November 2014. Greg better be careful around those trees!

Q6: I am a tall athletic woman with large feet. I really like your Shoe Bags, but, can you tell me what size shoes they can fit?
A6: Our shoe bags are very roomy and can fit up to a size 12 shoe.

Q7: My little Fifi loves to go with me everywhere. She’s an 8-inch/7-lbs. adorable toy poodle, from award winning pedigree, so I can only feed her top-sirloin that’s been chopped up into little bite sized pieces. Your Large Tote Bags looks like the perfect sized bag to carry her around in. Will your Large Tote Bag be able to hold 7-lbs. of weight? Does the Tote bag have breather holes, so my little Fifi will get enough oxygen? Her vet told me that she needs a lot of oxygen.
A7: Your Fifi sounds absolutely adorable! Our new large tote has a snap closure which is great for Fifi and her oxygen intake; it can also hold her weight perfectly! You and Fifi will both be looking stylish!

Q8: We stopped by your booth at the PGA Show in Las Vegas – and we absolutely loved your New 2015 Collection. When will these new items be available?
A8: Thank you for stopping by! Our new collection will be available beginning of November 2014.

Coming Soon
OK Karen…I have November marked down on my calendar. We’ll be looking for your new products, then.

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