If you sometimes walk the golf course, and other times ride on a cart, then you may find yourself in no-man’s land with your golf bag. Perhaps it’s a golf bag with some features designed for riding and other features for walking, but in the end, the bag neither performs well during riding or walking the golf course.

But – it doesn’t have to be that way. You see, the NEW Go-Lite Pro Stand Bag, from Datrek, is an excellent golf bag for riding and walking the golf course: with plenty of features to satisfy the riding golfer and a lightweight, padded design for walking comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at the Datrek Go-Lite Pro Stand Bag, and see what makes this golf bag so versatile and convenient for riding and walking the golf course.


Lightweight and Durable Construction:

Made with lightweight poly/nylon materials – similar to those used in parachutes, the Datrek Go-Lite Pro Stand Bag is durable enough to withstand the rigors of every day golf, yet, it is lightweight and comfortable enough to carry for an entire 18-holes of golf.

14-Way Top with Individual Full-length Dividers (IDS):

A great feature for keeping your golf clubs organized, the 14-way top is normally a feature found on higher-end cart bags. However, Datrek design-engineers have found a way to include a 14-way top with Individual Full-length Dividers (IDS), in the Go-Lite Pro Stand Bag, yet, maintain the stand bag’s lightweight appeal.

Riding Cart Compatible Base:

There are many stand bags on the market today that are made with a base that is not compatible with a golf cart. As a result, these stand bags never fit properly on a cart and end up getting cockeyed and twisting and making access to pockets very inconvenient. But not the Datrek Go-Lite Pro Stand Bag! On the contrary, the Go-Lite Pro Stand Bag comes equipped with a cart compatible base that allows it to snuggly fit on the golf cart – preventing twisting and giving you easy and convenient access to all pockets and your gear.


With over 25 years in the golf industry, Datrek Golf is recognized as a leader in lightweight, organizer golf bags for men and women. For more information, regarding the Datrek Go-Lite Pro Stand Bag (including new and exciting color-styles) or any other Datrek cart bag or stand bag, check us out at
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