Have you ever tried to get your team, school or company logo onto a golf stand bag? If you have, then you know that getting your logo embroidered onto a quality bag can be a challenge.
On one hand, you want your logos to look really nice and prominent on your golf bag, and on the other hand, you want your bag to perform well out on the golf course. There are a lot of nice stand bags out on the market, but, when it comes to putting your logos on them, it seems like many manufacturers boldly place their logos on all the choice locations and leave you a little tiny, out of the way location for your logo.
So, your logo(s) just get swallowed up in the sea of the manufacturer’s logos – and what’s the fun in that?


However, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. The OGIO Hauler Stand Bags were designed with embroidery and customization in mind. They are made with latest features from OGIO – so they perform well out on golf course; and, all the prominent embroidery locations are reserved for your logos and personalization.

The Hauler Stand Bag is available in three core-colors: black, white or navy – and eleven panel-colors: orange, gold, green, maroon, purple, navy, black, white, carolina blue, silver, red. So, by combining a different core-color of the bag with a different set of panels, you will have over thirty color combinations to coordinate with your logos. And you get three nice sized panels to customize and embroider your logos onto: the side-panel, scorecard-panel and the ball-pocket-panel. Now there will be no mistaking whose golf bags these actually are!

There is no minimum quantity for the number of golf bags that you must order – you can order many bags or as little as one customized OGIO Hauler Stand Bag. So whether you are looking for stand bags for a high school, college, company or just yourself, the OGIO Hauler Stand Bags make an excellent choice for customized and personalized golf bags. Just send us your logos: custserv@golfbagwarehouse.com, or, give us a call (702) 837-8683 – and let’s get started.


Of course, you don’t want to trust just anybody to customize your golf bags. Quality counts, especially when it comes to your logos.

Come check out our embroidery and personalization:

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