When it comes to golf stand bags, OGIO Golf has written the book.

I mean, they’ve turned the design and development of stand bags into a science – leaving all other golf stand bags in the dark ages. But, even within the OGIO line, some models have gone the way of the dodo bird – too old and clumsy to compete and survive in the modern golf world. However, there are two models of OGIO Stand Bags that have been able to withstand the test of time and fight off the fiercest competitors – and evolve into the refined golf bags that they are today. We’re talking about the OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag and the OGIO Ozone Stand Bag.

Both the Grom and the Ozone stand bags have remained in the OGIO golf bag line for years – and each year, incremental modifications have made for better and more intelligently built golf bags. And today, the OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bags and OGIO Ozone Stand Bags are filled with features that set them far apart from the competition.

But – with two fabulous stand bags to choose from, which stand bag is right for you? To help you decide, we recruited Tim Urlocker – National Sales Manager for OGIO Golf, to answer some questions from customers, regarding the new 2014 Grom and Ozone Stand Bags.

OK Tim – here ya go:

Q1: Both the Grom and Ozone come with the SHOXX-X4 Full Suspension System. What exactly is the SHOXX-X4 Full Suspension system and what are the benefits?
A1: The SHOXX-X4 is a four-way shoulder strap system that automatically balances any bag load. The system relieves shoulder and back stress like no other strap system – making walking with the SHOXX X4 much easier and more comfortable.

Q2: The Grom has a 14-Way Diamond top and the Ozone has a 8-Way Woode top. Please compare the two tops. What are the benefits of each?
A2: A 14-Way Top is normally a feature that you might find in a nice organizer cart bag. The Grom 14-Way Diamond Top is designed for the player who appreciates golf club organization, and rides a cart more often than walks the course. And, they will also have the benefits of a stand bag while at the practice range.
The Ozone 8-Way Woode Top is designed more for the walker. The Woode Top organizes the irons (the heaviest clubs) to be placed towards the body side of the bag when carrying. The Woods are in a row on the far side. This helps to keep the bag balanced towards the body vs resisting and pushing away from the body. A very intelligent design!

Q3: I ride on a golf cart quite a lot, and I get annoyed when stand bags twist and turn and get all cockeyed, while riding. How do the Grom and Ozone address riding on a golf cart? Do they have any features that prevent twisting and turning?
A3: Great question. The Grom carries a unique Ogio Patent “Ogio Torque Strap”. This allows you to secure the Grom to the golf cart with or without the cart strap being connected – therefore, the Grom Hybrid Stand bag never twists while riding in a cart.
The Ozone utilizes a strap pass through to reinforce the bag strap connection. This also resists any twisting or tilting of the bag, while on a cart.

Q4: What is a Ball-Silo? Will it help reduce my slice/fade?
A4: The Ball-Silo is another intelligent design feature and Ogio Patent – available on both the Grom and Ozone. Very simply, the Ball-Silo will house three balls for easy access when you need to quickly grab another ball, after you push one out of bounds. It may not cure the slice or hook but it will quickly access your breakfast ball.

Q5: What is a Zipperless Ball Pocket – do both the Grom and Ozone have one?
A5: Only the Grom has a Zipperless Ball Pocket. It’s another great feature and Ogio Patent that eliminates the sound of a zipper, when, once again, you need to quickly and quietly pull out another ball. It works with a hinge system that automatically snaps itself shut, rather than relying on someone to pull a zipper to shut it: a very cool feature on the Grom that really gets noticed.

Q6: What stand system/mechanism do the Grom and Ozone have? Is it the same for both stand bags?
A6: Some competing golf bags have stands that activate when riding on a golf cart, so that is why you often see those stand bags tilted to the side to avoid activation. Both the OGIO Grom and Ozone are equipped with a premium durable lightweight stand that is easily activated, when needed. Yet both bags can also be easily placed on a golf cart without activating their stand – so the Grom and Ozone can face forward, on a cart giving you easy access to all pockets.

Q7: I like the colors and fabrics on the Grom and Ozone. What sort of materials are they? Can they be easily cleaned?
A7: Great question. All our fabrics are treated to resist sun fade. In fact we apply a standard to all our bags that is three times the industry standard. Fabrics are easy to maintain and keep clean.

Q8: Who comes up with color names for your bags? Cynderfunk?
A8: We do have fun with our names and colors. Many late evenings and a creative brain trust that works on this. To protect the innocent and the process we are sworn to secrecy.

OK Tim… I might have to contact some friends at the NSA, if you insist on keeping secrets.

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