The Bennington Quiet Organizer Golf Bags have basically kept their same design over the past few years for a good reason: many golfers prefer that they remain the same. The Quiet Organizer Top is made from a Soft Foam that is shaft friendly and will not crack. It helps you to organize your golf clubs for faster play and prevents your clubs from rattling and tangling. Very nice golf bags and very impressive, however, they do tend to be a little larger and heavier than many other cart bags – and this can be an issue for some golfers.

Bennington Quiet Organizer Golf Bags Bennington Quiet Organizer Golf Bags


But – it’s not an issue any more! If you’re a golfer that really likes the Quiet Organizer tops, but, you’ve shied away from these golf bags because you prefer something a little more lightweight and less bulky, then we have some exciting news for you. Over the past few months, designers at Bennington Golf have been busy putting together their NEW Quiet Organizer-9 Lite and Quiet Organizer-14 Lite cart bags, just for you.

Both the regular QO-9 Cart Bags and the QO-14 Cart Bags are still available (for golfers that like these models) – but they now have two new counter-parts, in the Quiet Organizer-9 Lite and Quiet Organizer-14 Lite cart bags, for golfers that prefer less weight and less bulk.

So let’s see what the buzz is all about with these two NEW Quiet Organizers:


The BENNINGTON QUIET ORGANIZER 9-LITE Cart Bag combines a slim profile with a lightweight (6 lb.) design. It’s made with durable lightweight nylon/polyester fabrics and comes equipped with the popular QO-9 top and an external putter scabbard, for the ultimate in golf club organization. The perfect golf bag for riding or push/pull cart use.



The BENNINGTON QUIET ORGANIZER 14-LITE Cart Bag features the new QO-14 foam rubber top – designed with 14 individual club slots to keep you organized and your clubs quiet. It’s made with durable nylon/polyester materials for lightweight, stylish looks that will last. And it comes equipped with 9-pockets including 2 full length apparel pockets and an insulated cooler-pocket. Another great golf bag for riding or push/pull cart use.


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