Top Lite RiderWith over 25 years in the golf industry, Datrek Golf is recognized as innovators and leaders in organizer golf bags, for both men and women. They practically invented the Full Length Individual Divider System (IDS) for golf bags, which have become popular with many golfers. However, with today’s Datrek Golf Bags, the buzz word is “Lightweight”, including the new lightweight Lite Rider Cart Bag: appropriately named, for a cart bag that only weighs 4.7 lbs.

It seems like just a few short years ago that golf companies were busy loading up so many features onto their cart bags, that they became too bulky and heavy: averaging 9-12 lbs. – and some much more than that!
However, golfers soon figured out that bulkier and heavier does not equate to better golf bags; so, Datrek design engineers decided to reverse the trend and come up with lighter and more manageable cart bags.

The result is the impressive 4.7 lb. Lite Rider Cart Bag. You would think that with such a drastic reduction in weight, that a lot of features were removed or eliminated from the golf bag.
However, by using new lightweight, durable materials and a more intelligent construction, Datrek was able to design the Lite Rider Cart Bag with just the right amount of features for convenience – and at a fraction of the weight.


Let’s see what you get with 4.7 lbs:

• The Lite Rider Cart Bag is made with light weight, durable, nylon fabrics – tear resistant and easy to clean. The same type of fabric used in many parachutes – although we don’t recommend that you jump out of a plane with your golf bag!
• 14-way organizer top with a Full-Length Individual Divider System. Staying true to its roots, Datrek designed the Lite Rider Cart Bag with a 14-way IDS top.
• Oversized soft grip putter well integrated into organizer top. Nice for today’s jumbo grip putters.
• Soft grip handles are integrated into the bag top – making lifting and positioning your golf bag a lot easier.
• 7-convenient pockets, with plenty of room for your gear, including a large ball pocket, oversized insulated cooler pocket (for your favorite beverages), a fleece lined valuables pocket and two large apparel pockets.
• Velcro® patch golf glove holder.
• Cart strap loop to keep your bag from twisting and sliding while riding on a cart.
• The bottom of the bag is designed with feet to keep your bag standing upright and stable.
• Tee holders located on front of bag allow you to easily access another tee, when needed.
• A convenient Pen Holder Sleeve – so you don’t have to go digging into other pockets looking for a pen/pencil.
• Rain hood and umbrella sleeve.
• Towel ring.



Less is More:

Well, there you have it – from reviewing the list of features on the Lite Rider Cart Bag, we couldn’t really see any features that Datrek left off. It even has an insulated cooler pocket! Nice job Datrek. Simply put – the Lite Rider Cart Bag has all the features a riding golfer needs – minus the weight.

More Information:

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