CallawayBig Bertha is back! That’s right – Callaway has reintroduced the legendary Big Bertha for 2014, along with a few golf bags to go with it: the Big Bertha Tour Authentic Staff Bag, Big Bertha Mini Staff Bag and the Big Bertha Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag.


Let’s take a closer look at these golf bags – perhaps one is right for you.

The Big Bertha Tour Authentic Staff Bag: if you’re looking for the same golf bag that caddies carry for their Callaway Touring Pro on the weekends, then the Big Bertha Tour Authentic Staff Bag is your golf bag!
It has the perfect combination of styling, construction and storage and it’s made with luxury vinyl and poly/nylon materials, in eye catching red, white and blue colors. It comes equipped with a 6-way top with velour-wrapped dividers for maximum shaft protection – and 10-pockets with plenty of room for your gear, including a lockable valuables pocket.
It’s a large bag and weighs 12 lbs., but your caddie won’t mind, since it also comes with a luxury padded single strap with double strap connections for carrying comfort. Oh, and while you’re ordering it, don’t forget to have your name embroidered on the belly – just like the touring pros.


The Big Bertha Mini Staff Bag has the look and feel of its larger sibling (the Tour Authentic Staff Bag), but with a thinner and more manageable profile. After all, not all of us have caddies to carry our golf bag for us on weekends – or any day for that matter.
Therefore, we are relegated to riding a cart with a partner during our rounds of golf. If you have ever tried to squeeze in with a tour staff bag on a riding cart, then you’ll appreciate the thinner and more manageable profile of the Big Bertha Mini Staff Bag. Riding on a cart with these is no problem. And, you still get the look and feel of a tour pro, just minus a couple of pockets and a few pounds. Remember when you order, to get your name embroidered on the belly – just like the touring pros.


The Big Bertha Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag is a lightweight and versatile stand bag that allows you to comfortably carry your bag with gear and walk for an entire round of golf. It has everything a walking golfer needs: a lightweight design with a 5way top for golf club organization and 8-pockets to put your gear and valuables – and a dual carry strap with ergonomic EVA foam core for carrying comfort.


So whether you have a caddie to carry your bag, or, ride on a golf cart, or, if you prefer to carry your own clubs and walk the course, Callaway has a Big Bertha golf bag for you. Come see all of the new Callaway 2014 golf bags, including the Big Bertha golf bags at

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