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RJ Sports is back at it.

Since 1994, RJ Sports has been a trusted name brand for creating quality golf bags at very reasonable prices. And, their 2014 lineup gives you plenty of golf bags to select from – so we got some assistance from Siam Rimmer (Director of Sales at RJ Sports) to help determine which is the best RJ Sports Golf Bag for you.


How about answering some questions for our customers Siam?

Q1: I’m looking for golf bags that have tops with 14 full length dividers – one for my wife and one for me. Do all of your cart bags, including ladies golf bags, have tops with 14 full length dividers? Do you have any stand bags with 14 full length dividers?


A1: As far as our 2014 golf bag lineup, all of our cart bags have 14 full length dividers – including women’s carts bags. If you are looking for a nice ladies golf bag for your wife, I would recommend our Ladies Boutique Cart Bag. It’s our #1 ladies golf bag in the USA and we get a lot of great feedback on it. However, if you prefer a stand bag with 14 full length dividers, I would recommend our Phoenix Stand Bag – it’s nice for walking or riding the course.


Q2: I see that you make a camouflaged cart bag and a camouflaged stand bag – are these golf bags actually licensed Mossy Oak?


A2: Yes, the Mossy Oak collection (the EX-250 Cart Bag and Camo-Flash Stand Bag) are licensed golf bags that comes with an official Hang Tag from Haas Inc.


Q3: My father-in-law is retired and always rides a golf cart when he plays, however, he has trouble lifting and carrying his bag, when he’s not playing. Do you have any golf bags with wheels?
A3: I think our Wheeled Golf Bag would be perfect for your father-in-law. In fact, it’s our #1 selling golf bag, for senior golfers like your father-in-law. It has a retractable handle and rolling wheel base, so they can easily transport their bag with gear from the car to their golf cart.


Q4: I walk the golf course quite a lot when I play – and I don’t like to carry any extra weight on my back. What is the lightest stand bag that you have? Will it carry a full set of 14 clubs? Are there any others that you recommend?
A4: The Express Stand bag is perfect for walking the golf course. It can hold a full set of 14 clubs and has an Easy Lift Grip handle and a comfortable Dual Harness Shoulder Strap that balances the weight like a back pack – and at 4.9 lbs., it’s our lightest stand bag.


Q5: I’m looking for a golf bag with two external putter tubes – one for my putter and the other for my ball-retriever. Do you have any golf bags that have TWO external putter tubes?
A5:– The EX-350 Cart Bag is our #1 selling golf bag – and it two external oversize putter tubes, so no problem fitting your putter and ball-retriever. For ladies, we have two bags with TWO external oversized putter tubes: the Ladies Boutique Cart Bag and the Ladies Sapphire Cart Bag.


Q6: We live in an arid climate, so staying hydrated during a round of golf is very important. Do you have any golf bags with built-in cooler pockets?
A6: All of our cart bags, except the Orion Cart Bag, come with large insulated cooler pockets – and the stand bags come with a pocket to hold a water bottle.


Q7: I like to have my accessories (GPS, cigar clip, divot tools…) readily available in my golf bag – so I like a bag with a lot of pockets and storage. Which of your bags do you recommend?
A7: Both the Maverick Cart Bag and Kingston Cart Bag come with 10-pockets and plenty of room for gear – including a large beverage compartment. Just load them up for a full day on the golf course.


Q8: Everyone loves my new Emerald Ladies Cart Bag – what are the lift-grip handles on the top used for?
A8: We get a lot of great feedback on the fabrics and patterns that we used on our Emerald Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag. Without any sort of handles, it would be difficult to lift any golf bag. The Lift Grip Handles on the Emerald Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag allow you to easily grasp your golf bag, from the top, and lift it into place – just another feature we’ve included to make life easier for you on the golf course.

Thanks Siam – you’ve definitely made it easier to select my next RJ Sports Golf Bag!
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