So, what sort of gift do you give a coworker or employee, when they retire? Hmmm…well if that person plans on playing more golf and lowering their handicap, then, here are a couple of nice ideas:

Golf Travel Bag:

Straight-Jacket-w-logoLike most retirees that golf, there is a good chance that they’ll do some traveling to finally play on golf courses that are on their bucket list. And it sure would be helpful to have a nice golf travel bag to get them to and from their destinations safe and secure. …and what better way to remind them of all that they are missing back at work, than to have their golf travel bag customized and personalized by the good folks from work.

T2000-w-clubs2Something to keep in mind when selecting a golf travel bag: bigger is not better! Due to current airline restrictions and fees, the slimmer profile travel covers have become the travel bag of choice. However, you don’t want your travel cover so slim that it doesn’t have much in the way of protective padding – right? Well, problem solved: the OGIO Straight Jacket and the Bag Boy T2000 are two easy choices for today’s traveling golfers. Both golf travel covers have a slim enough profile to reduce baggage fees and they have plenty of padding to keep your golf gear safe and secure. And, they can be easily customized and personalized just for you.


Den Caddie:

DenCaddy2-ArturoFuente DenCaddy-McKennaA customized or personalized den caddie makes an excellent retirement gift idea.

And there are so many ways to use a den caddie, that even a non-golfer can appreciate having one.


Of course, these beauties look great just sitting in a den – as a nice commemorative gift. But, I’ve also seen den caddies put into action and used in a variety of ways including to hold umbrellas, golf balls, and even filled with ice and a nice bottle of wine or champagne. …and they can be embroidered on the belly, side panels and ball-pocket – so there is plenty of room for logos and personalized text.

Make it Special:

Finding the right gift for a golfer isn’t always easy, but, with customizing and personalizing, you can take an ordinary golf gift and make it something special and commemorative. Just remember, quality counts: especially when it comes to your logos.
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