So you decided to get your new golf bag personalized – and have your name embroidered onto it. Well congratulations, you made the right choice! All golf bags look at least a little classier with some personalization on them.

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But now for the age old question: would you like your name in BLOCK or Script lettering? Oh oh …you didn’t think about that one, did you? Well, we have …and since we’re in the business of customizing and personalizing golf bags, we’ve compiled some basic guidelines for getting your name embroidered in either block or script lettering. But remember, these are ONLY guidelines – meant to be broken. So if something else feels right to you, by all means, do it your way! Plenty of golfers do.


In general, for male golfers we recommend block lettering for their name, and, for females we recommend script lettering for their name. Historically, that’s just the way it’s been done. We didn’t come up with this concept – we just followed tradition. But times change, and now, we have plenty of male customers that prefer their name in script lettering, and plenty of female customers that prefer their name in block letters. So there’s your history lesson.


Block letters will normally look good in either upper-case or mixed-case. However – when using block letters, most golfers prefer all upper-case lettering on their golf bag. This maximizes the size of the letters and gives the embroidery a nice BOLD look. But, there are times when you may prefer your block lettering to be mixed-case, for example, for the name “MCCORMICK” you may prefer “McCORMICK” or “McCormick”.

ScriptUpper JerryLaneOn the other hand, if you want script lettering, then you will definitely want mixed-case letters! There’s just something about script lettering that doesn’t look right when they are all upper-case.

I think Jerry was very happy that we convinced him to go with mixed-case, before his name was actually embroidery onto his bag like this.



Embroidering your name on a golf bag, for the most part, is a permanent thing. At least, it’s not easily undone. So – if you are going to have your name embroidered onto your golf bag, then, you certainly want it to look good. You don’t want to ride around the golf course for the next couple years with lousy looking embroidery on your golf bag. Get it right the first time – and make sure to use quality embroidery. The same person that embroiders your shirts isn’t necessarily the same person you want to embroider your golf bag. They need to have the right equipment for the job. If possible, have a designer or person that is familiar with the embroidery process review your requests. A good designer can help prevent embroidery mistakes, before your order goes into production.



Of course, you don’t want to trust just anybody to personalize your golf bag. Quality counts, especially when it comes to your name.

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