Have you ever thought about walking the golf course? The health benefits are many. But – perhaps the thought of carrying your golf bag full of equipment for eighteen holes does not sound appealing to you. Me neither.
However, Bag Boy just came out with four new models of Golf Push Carts that make walking the course like taking a comfortable stroll in the park. And they fold/unfold, transport and store very easily. Yup – so maybe with one of these new carts…you WILL take that walk after all!
But – with four models to choose from, which one is right for you? Well to help you decide, we caught up with our old buddy Ron Holeman: Western Regional Manager for Dynamic Brands – makers of the Bag Boy Push Carts. We compiled a list of some common questions that we’ve received from customers, regarding the new line of Bag Boy Golf Push Carts – and presented them to Honest Ron Holeman for answers.

What say you, Honest Ron?

Q1: I have a stand bag, but, I would like to use a push cart when walking the golf course – which one of your push carts is best suited for stand bags?
A1: Great question, while all of our models work well with stand bags I would recommend the TriSwivel II, Quad Plus or C3 carts. These models feature a stand and cart bag friendly upper bag bracket design exclusive to Bag Boy carts. This bracket secures the stand bag legs and prevents stand bags from twisting throughout the round.

Q2: Which carts have breaks on them? Do they all have the same break mechanism (hand/foot)?
A2: All of our push cart models feature some sort of brake mechanism. The Express DLX has simple push on and off foot brake system. , Quad and C3 carts offer a hand brake conveniently located on the push cart handle.

Q3: Some people drive cars with very small trunks…which of your carts folds down the smallest? What dimensions?
A3: The most compact cart we offer is the C3 with folded dimensions of 21.5” x 13” x 18”.

Q4: I like to play different golf courses, so I need a push cart that can be easily folded and transported via my car. Do you have any recommendations?
A4: The Quad Plus offers a simple two-step fold that can be done in seconds! The cart remains super compact for storage and transport at 24” x 14” x 16”. The C3 and Triswivel II are simple as well with a three-step fold.

Q5: Do all your carts have the same wheels and tires?
A5: Yes, while they vary in sizes all of our carts feature lightweight maintenance free EVA foam tires that roll easily through the grass.

Q6: Do all your push carts come with umbrella holders?
A6: The Express DLX Pro is the only push cart that does not come stock with an umbrella holder. This accessory can easily be ordered through the website or by calling customer service.

Q7: What is the advantage of a Quad Plus Push Cart?
A7: Aside from the simple and compact fold the Quad Plus has a four wheel design. The benefit of having four wheels is for added stability on uneven terrain.

Q8: What is the advantage of a Triswivel II Push Cart?
A8: The NEW Triswivel II features our Swivel Tech Technology allowing the front wheel to swivel 360 degrees offering the ultimate in maneuverability. A Remote Swivel Lock Out can easily lock the front wheel into a fixed position if desired.

Q9: Sometimes additional accessories can make life a little easier – what accessories do you recommend and why?
A9: Our carts come loaded with a variety of different accessories, our favorite aftermarket accessories are the cart seat and Datrek Cooler Bag. Let’s face it, sometimes it can be hot and slow out on the course. It is important to stay hydrated and take a load off.

Q10: I’m 5’3″ and my wife is 6’4″…sometimes she wants to use my push cart and I don’t dare say no! Which of your carts can be easily adjusted for different heights?
A10: You are in luck, all of our carts feature some sort of handle height adjustment. We recommend the C3, Quad Plus and Triswivel II with their easy one-step handle adjustment that accommodates golfers of all heights.

Q11: I use a Golf GPS application (range finder) on my cell phone when I play golf, it would be nice to have my smart phone readily visible instead of having it in my pants pocket – can any of your carts accommodate a smart phone?
A11: The Quad Plus, C3 and Express DLX Pro come with an integrated smart phone holder. Want the TriSwivel II? No problem, we have a mobile device holder accessories with a quick mount clamp to secure it to the handle.

Q12: What the heck is a dirt bag?
A12: umm…umm…a dirt bag is an accessory that wraps up the cart wheels and keeps your trunk clean …..HONEST!

OK Ron… we believe you.

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