NO – you don’t have to be a golf-professional to have your name, or logo, put on your golf gear. Even a beginner looks good with their initials, name or even a phrase embroidered onto their golf bag or travel bag. It’s just a classy way to distinguish themselves from everyone else on the course.


Custom Embroidery Custom Embroidery Custom Embroidery


Custom Embroidery
But, you’re not limited to just names or text on your bags. How about putting a logo onto your equipment?
Whether it’s your golf bag, golf balls, tees or other gear – there are plenty of nice ways to promote your team or company out on the golf course. Let’s face it, a lot of business is conducted while playing golf – and we all want in on it to some degree. And, a nice introduction or lead-in is always helpful, when trying to break the ice. That’s where your logos come in.

I’ve had plenty of potential customers/clients ask me about the logos on my gear, before I even approached them. And I certainly have NEVER had anybody turn down a sleeve of PRO-V1’s with my logo on them!


Custom EmbroideryBut quality counts! If you are going to have your name or logo out on the golf course, then you certainly want it to look good.
Make sure to use quality embroidery or imprint on your equipment. The same guy that embroiders your shirts isn’t necessarily the same person you want to embroider your golf bag. They need to have the right equipment for the job.
If possible, have a designer or person that is familiar with embroidery or imprint processes review your requests.
After all, you wouldn’t want to use blue thread for embroidering a blue golf bag, would you? A good designer can help prevent embroidery or imprint mistakes, before your order goes into production.

Custom Embroidery Custom Embroidery


You see, you don’t have to be a golf-professional to have your name or logo put on your golf gear. So, go ahead and get that personalized golf gift for your wife, or, a set of golf bags for the team, or, golf balls for your upcoming tournament – just remember, quality counts.


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