Have you seen the 2013 Ladies Golf Bags from Glove It? Well, not just their golf bags, but, have you seen the entire line of golf bags and matching accessories from Glove It? Because if all you did was look at their golf bags, then you need to look again. You see, half the fun in the Glove It line-up is in their accessories. And if you are a lady golfer and like to match and coordinate on the golf course (and who doesn’t), then you are going to love the 2013 product line from Glove It! They make it soooo easy to look good on the golf course.

Glove It Adds to the Fun:

Glove It has really got it going on in 2013 – with golf bags in twelve distinctly different color-styles and fabric-prints they are sure to have something that will catch your eye. And all the matching accessories just add to the fun.

Glove it!While matching head covers make a very nice accessory item, the fun shouldn’t have to stop there. With Glove It, you can have a golf bag with matching head covers, matching towel, matching glove, matching visor, shoe bag and more. And you don’t have to get everything at once. All the items are sold separately, so you can get the bag first and leave the rest of the matching items for later – they make great gift ideas too (although you may have to drop a few hints, and let people know what color-style you prefer).

Functionally, all of the Glove It golf bags are cart bags (no stand bags) and they come equipped with 7-pockets and an external putter tube. However, there are two different top configurations: a 14-way top configuration (on Signature collections) which includes the following color-styles: Metropolitan, Retro, Python and Montana collections. The other top configuration is an 8-way top (on Print collections) and includes these color-styles: Pink Link, Nantucket, Versailles, Capri, Lime Tile, Leopard, B/W Hounds Tooth and Pinkadilly Plaid collections. All the golf bags look great, but, you may want to take note, in case you prefer one top configuration over the other.

Glove it!You Gotta Glove It!

Whether you are looking for a complete line of matching golf accessories, or, maybe just a nice golf bag with some matching head covers, you gotta Glove It! With a passion for fashion, Glove It has become the leading manufacturer for women’s golf accessories – fulfilling the need for functional, yet fashionable products.
Come take a look at 2013 lineup of golf bags and accessories from Glove It, at GolfBagWarehouse.com – and then you’ll know why Glove It is a sure winner with the lady golfers.

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