Golf Gifts for a Military Change of Command

If you are tasked with getting a gift for a Military Change of Command, then you know how consuming the task can be. On one hand, you want to get something nice and thoughtful – that the recipient will appreciate.
Yet, you are also bound by some constraints, like a budget. And sure – you can get the recipient a nice plaque to hang on the wall, but, isn’t that gift a little overdone? Maybe you’re looking for something different.

Well – if the recipient is a golfer, they may have made your job a little easier for you. Personalized and customized golf gear make great gift ideas for a change of command.


Golf Balls imprinted with Military or Squadron Logo

Every golfer appreciates nice golf balls. And they would appreciate them even more, if they were in the military and the balls had their squadron logo imprinted on them. Just make sure that the logo is actually pad-printed at the factory for long lasting play and wear on the golf course.

Otherwise, cheaply imprinted logos on golf balls will begin to chip and flake with the first impact – and may not last an entire round before flaking completely off. So, if you’re going to give some nice golf balls, then, make sure that they are pad-printed at the factory for long lasting play.


Golf Bags custom embroidered with Military or Squadron Logo

Putting someone’s military logo(s) and/or squadron logo(s) on a golf bag is an excellent way to recognize their achievements and service. And it looks pretty cool when a golfer is cruising down the course with their squadron logo on their bag. Just be sure to check and see what type of golf bag that the recipient prefers: a cart bag or stand bag. This will help narrow your selection of golf bags and ensures that they receive the type of golf bag they like to play with. Also, keep in mind that most golf bags are limited with the amount of custom embroidery that can be put on them.

Most have one or two locations where they can be embroidered, so, keep the embroidery simple. Don’t try to fit every logo or every last word onto the golf bag. This will only create a cluttered and unappealing look on the bag. Remember, this is a golf bag, not a plaque – so simple is better. Try having a single (squadron) logo put on one location of the bag, and, the recipient’s name and rank embroidered on a different location. This will help maximize the size of the embroidery – so that it will get noticed. And, it will give the golf bag a nice, clean and professional look that the recipient will appreciate and proudly display out on the golf course.

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Remember that there is going to be a lead time for custom products. So give yourself plenty of time to spare, when placing your order – and let them know of any delivery deadlines that you have.
And of course, you don’t want to trust just anybody to customize your golf bags or balls. Quality counts, especially when it comes to your logos.
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