With a rich history in the game of golf, you can count on Callaway equipment to help you perform at your best. But with a nice selection of golf bags in 2014, you may be wondering which Callaway Golf Bag is best for you. To help you decide, we’ve enlisted the help of our old friend Ryan Judkins (Outside Sales Rep for Callaway) to answer some questions from customers. Welcome back to Las Vegas Ryan – we hope you can still take the heat!


Q1: I like to carry a couple of beverages with me on the golf course. Do you have any cart bags with cooler pockets, to keep my beverages cold?


Callaway ORG 15

Callaway Org 14


A1: We offer three cart bags with thermal lined pockets that will keep your beverages cool: the Org 15, Org 14 and Chev ORG Cart Bags. Callaway also offers four carry/stand bags all featuring a thermal lined water-bottle pocket.

Q2: I ride on a cart when I play golf; however, I like the convenience of a stand bag, when I am at the practice range. Which one of your golf bags would you recommend?

A2: Our recommendation would be the Fusion 14 Hybrid Bag. It combines the organization of a cart bag with the convenience of a carry bag. The 14-way top keeps clubs organized, XXT base has greater surface area on the ground for better stability and the dual straps allow for easy transport to the range.


Q3: What is the difference between the “Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag” and the “Big Bertha Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag“?
A3: There is no structural difference between the Hyper-Lite 5 and Big Bertha Hyper-Lite Stand Bags. The points of difference are color scheme and branding. With the re-launch of Big Bertha clubs, we wanted to have a stand bag that was as unique as the new drivers, a bag that truly stood apart on the course.


Q4: I’m looking to have our company logo embroidered on some stand bags, but, I don’t want the Callaway logo to be more prominent on the bag, than OUR company logo. Do you have any suggestions?


A4: We designed a bag for this specific scenario; it’s called the HL4 (Hyper-Lite 4 Stand Bag). Created for companies and country clubs looking for a unique branding opportunity, it has three separate areas to imprint a logo or a brand message, and it comes in three solid colors to coordinate with (White, Black, Navy).

Q5: I like the look and feel of a pro staff bag, however, I’m not a pro and I mostly ride on a golf cart, when I play. Staff bags can be a little bulky on golf carts. Do you have any golf bags with the look and feel of a staff bag – minus the bulk?
A5: We offer a Mini Staff Bag, which is simply a smaller version of our Tour Bag. It fits comfortably on most carts while still providing the look and feel of a full size Staff Bag.

Q6: My father likes to keep it simple – he’s looking for a basic cart bag: not too many pockets and preferably something lightweight. What do you have?
A6: The Callaway Chev Cart bag would be a perfect fit for your Dad. It has a simple and clean look with multiple pockets, and it weighs just over 4 lbs.

Q7: My son plays golf for his high school – and he carries his own clubs. He constantly complains about the weight of his current golf bag, but, at least he’s not playing video games. What is the lightest stand bag that you have?
A7: The lightest stand bag we offer is the HL3 (Hyper-Lite 3 Stand Bag), that weighs less than 4 pounds. It has a large apparel pocket for sweaters and a velour lined valuables pocket to keep wallets and cell phones secure and dry.

Q8: I have a lot of gear that I like to bring with me out onto the golf course: range finder, divot tools, cigar clip…so, I prefer cart bags that have a lot of pockets and storage space? What cart bags do you recommend for me?
A8: The ORG 15 is our largest cart bag boasting 15 pockets (including our deepest cooler pocket) and a 15-way club divider system. We also offer the ORG 14, which is slightly smaller with 12 pockets, a 14-way club divider system and extra storage for golf balls.

Q9: Our boss is retiring soon and we’d like to give him a nice Pro Staff Bag, as a gift. Can we get his name embroidered on it – like the pros? If so, how long will it take?
A9: Adding a logo or name to our Tour Staff Bag is one of the many custom options we offer at Callaway. Our logo team is one of the best in the business and can handle most requests within 5-7 days business days.

Q10: My wife uses Callaway clubs, so I was thinking of getting her a Callaway Golf Bag, as well. She likes some of the colors of your golf bags, but, are they made only for men, or, can women use your golf bags, also?
A10: Callaway golf bags are designed to be carried and used by men, women and juniors.

Q11: We live in desert, so it doesn’t rain much. I noticed that some of your golf bags have a Wet Gear Pocket – what is a Wet Gear Pocket? Can I put my beer in it?
A11: The Wet Gear pocket has lining on both sides that helps contain moisture so the rest of your bag stays dry when storing rain pants or a damp jacket. The pocket can also be used as a make shift cooler pocket, although it was designed for a slightly different purpose.

Thanks for the excellent info Ryan. Ya know, it’s starting to get REALLY hot out here in Vegas, and, all this talk about coolers and beverages has made me thirsty. See ya at the 19th hole!

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