While some manufacturers offer the same old golf bags with the same old features as all the other manufacturers – sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between these same old bags. However, Bennington Golf offers a truly unique and refreshing set of golf bags with its Quiet Organizers. The Quiet Organizer Top is made from a Soft Foam – that is shaft friendly and will not crack. It helps organize your golf clubs for faster play and prevents clubs from rattling and tangling.


We thought that we’d take a closer look at these unique golf bags – and ask a few questions to Bennington’s #1 salesman: Marty “The One Man Party” Gonzales. Marty is always good for a ton of laughs, but, he definitely knows his Bennington Quiet Organizer Golf Bags.

Here you go Marty:

Q1: Some manufacturers change the design of their golf bags every year, but, the design of the QO-9 and QO-12 Cart Bags have basically remained the same for years – especially their tops. Why is that?

A1: Why ruin a good thing? Over the years, we’ve gotten great feedback on our QO-9 and QO-12 Cart Bags – and customers really like the design of our tops. Although we’ve made some minor changes to the bags over the years: we’ve changed some pockets and added a few new colors and fabrics – the tops on the QO-9 and QO-12 have remained the same because customers prefer it that way.

Q2: I would like a golf bag that has an external putter tube. I see that some of your golf bags come with a Putter Scabbard. What is a Putter Scabbard?

A2: Good question and the same question I asked years ago, when I first started with Bennington. The simple answer: the Putter Scabbard is an external putter tube that is meshed into the fabric of the golf bag – so that it’s a little more integrated with the bag and makes for easy access to your putter.

Q3: Regarding the new QO-14 Cart Bag, what is the “Automatic Organizer System” and how does it work?


A3: The QO-14 Cart Bag is new for 2014, and it introduces a new top design: a familiar look, but different. While the QO-9 and the QO-12 have a nice roomy wood section, the QO-14 has smaller designated slots, where the shaft of your Woods slide into and help to further reduce rattling.

Q4: I use a couple of hybrid golf clubs – do any of your Quiet Organizers accommodate hybrid golf clubs?

A4: Yes they do. This was a nice upgrade that Bennington made to the Quiet Organizers a few years back. Regarding our current models, the QO-12 has 4 hybrid slots, the QO-14 has 2 hybrid slots, QO-9 has 2 hybrid slots, QO-Lite has 2 hybrid slots and the LQO has 2 hybrid slots.

Q5: I like the top design of the QO-9, but, I would prefer something a little more lightweight than the QO-9 Cart Bag. How much does the Quiet Organizer Lite Cart Bag weigh?

A5: Both the QO-9 Cart Bag and the QO-Lite Cart Bag utilize the same popular top. However, the QO-Lite Cart Bag weighs 8.8 lbs. – approximately 3.5 lbs. less than the QO-9 Cart Bag.

Q6: I use a golf push cart, do all of your Quiet Organizer Cart Bags work with push carts? Is there any one that you would recommend?

A6: Yes, all of the Quiet Organizer Cart Bags work well with golf push carts. Our most popular bag for push carts is the QO Lite Cart Bag – and it’s also our lightest cart bag in the QO series.

Q7: I prefer to carry my bag and walk the golf course. Do you make a Quiet Organizer stand bag?

A7: If you prefer to walk and carry your golf bag for 18-holes, then the LQO Stand Bag is for you. It features the popular QO-9 top, as well as, padded Dual Shoulder Straps and a Ventilated Hip Pad, for carrying comfort.

Q8: I’d like to give one of your golf bags, as a gift, to my wife – can I get the bag personalized with her name embroidered on it?

A8: Yes, of course, and your wife will love it! For best results, we embroider our bags in-house – at the Bennington Corporate office. You can request any one of three font styles: 1) Old English 2) Script 3) Block. And the bags that we can embroider for you are the QO-14, QO-12, QO-9 Cart Bag as well as the Miss Bennington and Players Cart Bags.

Very informative… Thanks for the info Marty, and remember to drop by when you’re in town – we can always use a few laughs!

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