2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag  TopThe 2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag is a true hybrid golf bag – perfect for walking or riding the golf course. Yes – you heard that right. The OGIO Grom provides plenty of comfort for walking a full 18 holes, yet, it performs better than many cart bags while on a riding or push/pull cart. So whether you walk or ride, this may be the next golf bag for you. Let’s see why.

SHOXX X4 Full Suspension:

2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag With many stand bags, walking and carrying your equipment for an entire 18 holes, can put a lot strain on your neck and shoulders. Eventually fatigue will catch up – and can adversely affect your golf shots. And, although some of you may be in good enough shape to handle walking the entire course, why put yourself through the riggers, when there is a much better and more comfortable alternative? The new 2014 OGIO Grom Stand Bag comes equipped with the SHOXX X4 full suspension system (combined with advanced molded shoulder pads), which equally distributes the load of your bag and equipment – no matter how heavy a load you’re carrying. This creates a much more comfortable walking experience with less strain on the neck, shoulders and back – which can lead to better shots, especially in the later rounds.

14-way Diamond Performance Top:

2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag Whether you walk or ride the golf course, it’s always nice to stay organized, especially when it comes to your golf clubs. OGIO thought of this too, and that’s why they built the Grom with a 14-way Diamond Performance top (with 14 individual full-length dividers) – so, managing your golf clubs with the Grom is a breeze.

TORQ Strap and Cart Strap Channel

2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag If you’ve ever put your stand bag on a cart and had it twist all around, so that it looks like it’s about ready to slide off, and the pockets are no longer facing you, then you’re going to love the TORQ Strap and Cart Strap Channel on the 2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag. The TORQ Strap and Cart Strap Channel keep the Grom Stand Bag snuggly pressed onto the cart and prevent it from twisting or sliding down and completely eliminating this annoyance. See – I told you that you were going to love this feature.

Zipperless Ball Pocket (ZBP)

2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag Zippers work pretty well on ball-pockets, until you forget to zip them all the way up – and begin to lose things. It’s easy to do and happens all the time. But, with the Zipperless Ball Pocket you just pull the pocket open, grab what you need and release. The pocket automatically shuts. Nice.


The 2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag is a Full Featured Golf Bag:

2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag Although the OGIO Grom is a stand bag, it is filled with features that may only be found on some of the higher end cart bags. In fact, the closer you look into the details of the Grom, the better Grom looks. Here is a list of some of the more popular features that we think you’ll appreciate:


• 14-way Diamond Performance stand top with full length club dividers and grab handle.
• ZBP™ (Zipperless Ball Pocket)
• TORQ™ Strap
• Load equalizing SHOXX™ X4 full suspension system for extreme comfort
• Advanced molded XX shoulder pads
• Low-profile OGIO Ball Silo™
• Cart strap channel
• 6 pockets (5 zippered)
• Weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket.
• Walking accessible insulated water bottle holster

You can find the 2014 OGIO Grom Hybrid Stand Bag on sale now at GolfBagWarehouse.com.

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