If you are in the market for a new golf stand bag, it may be worth noting that, in golf, not all stand bags are created equal – and you don’t always get what you paid for. With that being said, let’s see if we can help you swim through all the golf bag jargon – so that you can make a nice informed decision on your next stand bag.

These days, golf stand bags can be grouped into three different categories: Hybrid Stand Bags, Lightweight Stand Bags and Ultra-lightweight Stand Bags. Each category has its place, and to figure out which stand bag category will work best for you, you have to ask yourself, how often do you walk the golf course? And, how much convenience would you like when walking the golf course? You need to be realistic here, because you can purchase a nice stand bag in a category that’s not right for your style of play – and end up being miserable with it. So, it’s always helpful to get the category correct.

Hybrid Stand Bags:
Hybrid Stand Bags are golf stand bags with all the bells and whistles – filled with features. You’ll see many of these bags with 14-way tops with full-length dividers, ball silos, cooler pockets, etc. If you mostly ride the golf course, then these are nice convenient features to have in a golf bag. However, these types of features do come at a price – as each feature adds to the weight of the golf bag. If you mostly ride, you’re not so concerned about the weight of features, but if you mostly walk the golf course, then these same features can become extremely heavy and inconvenient over the course of eighteen holes. So remember, if you mostly ride the golf course, then Hybrid Stand Bags can be nice and convenient bags to have. But, if you mostly walk, then you’ll want something lighter.

Ultra-Lightweight Stand Bags:
Ultra-Lightweight Stand Bags are like the polar opposites of hybrid stand bags. The ultra-lightweight bags tend to be stripped of all the bells and whistles that add weight to the bag. They are designed for serious walking golfers to carry for eighteen holes – and not for riding on carts. They tend to have a few basic pockets for gear, a basic top configuration and a comfortable hip pad and shoulder straps. Just what a serious walking golfer needs – minus the weight. However, ultra-lightweight stand bags are not very convenient when riding on golf carts: many times you’ll see them on the back of carts all twisted around looking like they are about ready to slip off – and you’ll likely have to remove them from the cart just to get into a few of the pockets. So remember, if you are very serious about walking the golf course, then you’ll want to look at the Ultra-Lightweight Stand Bags. Otherwise, you’ll want to consider stand bags with some extra features for convenience.

Lightweight Stand Bags:
In terms of features and weight, Lightweight Stand Bags are somewhere in the middle between feature-filled hybrid stand bags and the stripped down ultra-lightweight stand bags. If you ride a fair amount of time and walk a fair amount of time, then lightweight stand bags are probably the right category for you. However, there are no rules determining which features should be included in a lightweight stand bag, and different manufacturers will likely add a different mix of features to their bags, so you will need to look at the specifications of the different bags and determine for yourself which features are important to you. Just remember, there is normally a trade-off between features and weight.

Check out the new 2013 Golf Stand Bags:
So if you are in the market for a golf stand bag, then give it some thought: determine how often you will really walk the golf course and which bag features are important, then select a stand bag that’s right for you. Come see and compare features on all our 2013 golf stand bags: Hybrid Stand Bags, Lightweight Stand Bags and Ultra-Lightweight Stand Bags at GolfBagWarehouse.com.

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